Crystal Castles – Celestica ( Thurston Moore Remix )

Celestica» acts as the gleaming pop core that tempers some of the album’s noisier moments. Thurston Moore’s take on the track seems to re-contextualize the original more than a mere remix would, as if his explicit goal was to make it fit better with ragers like «Doe Deer» or «Birds.» To accomplish this, the Sonic Youth majordomo suspends Alice Glass’ vocal track in a web of guitar lines before smashing it all to bits with a rampaging middle section, giving the song a clangy, industrial edge. It’s the kind of noise Moore could conjure up with his pinky while sleeping, but it’s cool to see him working outside of his established comfort zone.@prefixmag

Crystal Castles – Celestica ( Thurston Moore Remix )


~ από kapetank στο 24/06/2010.


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