Veronica Falls /Found Love In a Graveyard

Veronica Falls are based in London, UK and feature members from the now defunct bands The Royal We and Sexy Kids. After touring extensively in 2009 their first single was released through Captured Tracks in the U.S. Veronica Falls’ first British releases are due in the first quarter of 2010. The band consists of Roxanne Clifford (vocals, guitar), James Hoare (guitar), Marion Herbain (bass) and Patrick Doyle (drums).

Veronica Falls/Found Love In a Graveyard

~ από kapetank στο 05/07/2010.

2 Σχόλια to “Veronica Falls /Found Love In a Graveyard”

  1. kapten bgalmeno me poli paidikh mayrila
    moy aresei file,ligo new wave…kai arketa hipiko tha lega
    gia na psineis kai na trws stoys lykous prwtomagia,me olh thn prytaneia kia ton kasa fwtografo -paparatsi


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