TIBURSKY – Butterfly

Here we have “Back To Komo”, the second solo album from the supremely talented Tibursky. Just five months after the release of “Not Quite Bohemian” – and with his song “Peel” still on TV as the backing track to the Weg.de Travel agency advert – Tibursky has enlisted the help of friends in places as far apart as Glasgow, Stockholm and Barcelona to create another sterling collection of work featuring his trademark gift for writing classic songs. These are compositions of power and passion, imagination and intelligence, yet imbued with a true pop sensibility; eclectically diverse, it’s a collection of stark innovation and often haunting beauty featuring everything from Rock to Electro – by way of ballads, spoken words and strangeness. While 2010 may be less than three months old, I guarantee that come December this album will still be a candidate for best album of the year

TIBURSKY – Butterfly

~ από kapetank στο 08/07/2010.


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