debut album from Motorama, a band from the southern river-port of Rostov-na-Donu. The disc is entitled “Alps,” consists of nine tracks and runs for almost 36 minutes.

Many have already obliged: “The album sounds fresh to me and I can happily listen to it in one sitting. The kind of associations it invites are with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Camera Obscura. This band may not become nationally well-known, but they’ll certainly find their specific fan base among young people – especially those who are still deciding what direction to move in, what to play, and what to reject! If things develop any further than that, we might see the makings of a whole new music scene, in which case Motorama would be one of its first and most important building blocks.”via

..ωραιο δισκακι ,σιγουρα αισιοδοξο  μου φτιαξε τα μαυρα κεφια ,ειναι η αληθεια..

μπορεις να το κατεβασεις ολοκληρο εδω


εδω to alps

motorama – alps


~ από kapetank στο 09/07/2010.

2 Σχόλια to “Motorama/Alps”

  1. Φίλτατε kapetank το αγάπησα αυτό το δισκάκι όπως λές.
    Το έχω συμπεριλάβει στο top-10 του πρώτου εξαμήνου.
    Παραπέμπω στις δικές μου εντυπώσεις:
    Πολύ καλημέρα 🙂

  2. ωραια χαιρομαι που συμφωνουμε
    πραγματι ομορφος δισκος
    καλημερα sid


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