Film Noir – One Last Breath

Film Noir will release their debut album ‘ILOLINNA’ on the Japanese market in April 2010! More info coming soon.

Much like other great groups Film Noir goes way back. Having played together well over five years Film Noir is a welded ensemble with a great live performance.
Formed and based in Uppsala Sweden this four-piece band writes songs with a wide and gracious sound combining alterative pop with epic rock to get it’s unique sound. The harmonies of delay guitar together with strings, pads and pianos works perfectly with the smooth vocals and steady rhythm section. Their debut EP was recorded in 2007 and released in 2008, and is the first in line an upcoming arsenal of great music.

Film Noir – One Last Breath


~ από kapetank στο 12/07/2010.

2 Σχόλια to “Film Noir – One Last Breath”

  1. kapten profanws den exoyn sxesi me kapoious synonommatous toy 80,electropop,ellhnikhw katagwgis……….flasia apo palia kaseta mazi me slow motion ,f.m.q, non man dole ,villa 21 klp klp…….moy ekane parea kalh ston apogeymatino moy toyrkiko kafe mou….

    kalo bradi

  2. Ναι φοβεροί οι παλιότεροι film Noir με 2 εκπληκτικα LP…


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