The Walkmen – Stranded ( Lisbon 2010 )

The Walkmen is an American indie rock band, with members based in New York City and Philadelphia. The band formed in 2000

They prefer the sound of vintage musical instruments, particularly the upright piano, and have often recorded at Marcata Recording, a recording studio built in Harlem in 1999 by the three former members of Jonathan Fire*Eater and later relocated to upstate New York

The Walkmen recorded 13 songs in five days in August 2009 with John Congleton and Chris Zane. A number of new songs have been performed live since the summer of 2009. [13] They will be releasing the album on Fat Possum Records.[14] They recorded «something like 28 songs,» but have not decided how many will be on the record. In support of the new album, The Walkmen are set to perform at All Tomorrow Parties in May 2010, Lollapalooza in early August 2010, and the Reading and Leeds Festivals at the end of August 2010. On June 16, it was announced on Pitchfork Media that their new album will be released on September 14. It will be entitled Lisbon.

The Walkmen – Stranded ( Lisbon 2010 )

τι διαλο εχει κανεναν ιταλο η μπαντα?

σαν να ακουω το fratelli di italia


~ από kapetank στο 16/07/2010.


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