Stupid Kid – Sultans of Ping FC

bring   back the old’  LALALA(ouzo+lemonade)  days

One of the bands that were wrapped up in the late eighties/early nineties wave of bands (Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, for one) that were hyped (and sometimes over-hyped) to the gills by such UK publications as the NME and Melody Maker, the Sultans of Ping, F. C. earned their notoriety with the infamous singles «Where’s Me Jumper?,» «Stupid Kid,» and «Veronica.» Formed in Cork, Ireland, the Sultans of Ping, F.C. went through a number of roster changes and a break-up/ten plus year hiatus, only to reform in the latter days of the 00s to storm stages across the British Isles once more.

Stupid Kid – Sultans of Ping FC

~ από kapetank στο 21/07/2010.


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