28 Degrees Taurus/Low Light

,,,We are an ambient/psychedelic rock band from Boston called 28 degrees taurus. Our musical ideals are somewhere between the late 60s, early 90s and all the gorgeously catchy cheese inbetween.
We’ve been together since about 2005 with various drummers.
We’re usually loud as hell live but not above playing an occassional ballad.
Live shows are crazy, electric, loud & ecstatic. The records are catchy, hypnotic and fluctuate alot between the various time periods and styles we’re influenced by. They are very diffferent worlds to us and we approach it as such.

We have 2 full length records so far and 2 ep’s.
Theres alot more to come… a new lp by June 2010 and another one to follow in the fall of the same year.
Thanks for listening and see you on the road in 2010

….μα που παει και τα βρισκει αυτα ο πατριαρχης?

τριτη και πεμπτη ,12 το βραδυ ,στον offradio.gr

αφιερωνει ο αποστολος …

28 Degrees Taurus/low light


~ από kapetank στο 17/09/2010.

2 Σχόλια to “28 Degrees Taurus/Low Light”

  1. ενδιαφερον


  2. καλημερα papatha


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