Marcus Doo and The Secret Family – The Secret Family

Every track from Marcus Doo and the Secret Family leads you to a very different journey, each of them full of monsters, beauty and love. Marcus has a rich inner life that keeps surfacing with new self-revelations. He lives life through this musical language. The Secret family members care after his tough and elegant fragility being as truthful and as polyhedral artists as Marcus is; they have found a very personal way to blend this complex intellectual and emotional life with the world surrounding them. Greg Gobel (Ohio, U.S. – bass) and Fabrice Gamon (Paris, France – drums) hold the heart of this in their hands. David Sergeant (Glasgow, Scotland – electric guitar) paints a despairing horizon which Rocío León (Madrid, Spain – vocals) fills with harvests of stars. This sound, so intimate and truthful can surprise and sometimes scare. This is different. This is true. This is something real.(last fm)

..οτι δεν γραφονται σπουδαιοι δισκοι με την ιδια συχνοτητα ειναι αληθεια

οτι αυτος ειναι ενας σπουδαιος δισκος επισης αληθεια

ενα απ τα καλυτερα ντεμπουτα της χρονιας

οπως  λοιπον λενε και οι διοργανωτες

kapetank proudly presents

Marcus Doo and The Secret Family – The

Secret Family


~ από kapetank στο 09/11/2010.

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