Wild Beasts – Two Dancers (ii) (Jon Hopkins Remix)

On 8th November, Wild Beasts are to release a double 12” pack featuring remixes from their Mercury-nominated second album, Two Dancers.

The first 12″ features dancefloor-orientated remixes courtesy of Canadian synth-pop duo Junior Boys and British electronic composer Jon Hopkins. The second 12″ is a more atmospheric affair with reworkings from arch psychedelicist, Oneohtrix Point Never and composer and arranger Son Lux.

The beauty of these remixes is their diversity, while all focusing in on the glistening tension deep within Wild Beasts’ music.

The remixes will released digitally and as a double 12”.

Wild Beasts – Two Dancers (ii)

(Jon Hopkins Remix)

~ από kapetank στο 29/11/2010.


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