Tennis – Marathon+off radio guest dj /new dawn fades 2011

Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore met while studying philosophy in college. The two agreed that upon graduating they would sell their collective possessions and leave behind their lives in Denver.

They planned to buy a small sailboat and spend the next year living aboard and traveling exclusively under sail. For years this dream was carefully nurtured while preparations were made

Two years after completing their 2500 nautical mile voyage, Riley and Moore’s experience has led them to seek out a new endeavor. Their music bears the mark of months spent alone with the sea and each other. It is tinged with the sweet affection of new lovers. It bears the uncluttered aesthetic of time spent in remote and uninhabited regions. Their music is a modest attempt to translate an old truth rediscovered. Their album will be released by Fat Possum in January 2011.

Tennis – Marathon

…τενις σιγουρα δεν θα  μαθεις..

αλλα θα ακουσεις  διαφορες   ενδιαφερουσες μπαντες

σημερα στις 11 στην εκπομπη του Νικου Κομνηνου

στον offradio

σε μια πρωτη προεπισκοπηση που ετοιμασαμε για το  2011


Ο ενας απ τους δυο παραγωγους ειναι ηδη αρρωστος

και ο αλλος ετοιμος να ….

…η εκπομπη αναβάλλεται για την επομενη εβδομαδα…


~ από kapetank στο 05/01/2011.


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