Black Francis – Virginia Reel

There doesn’t seem to be too much that Black Francis (a.k.a. Frank Black, a.k.a. Charles Thompson) can’t do. His success as a solo artist, frontman of various self-formed bands, and as one-quarter of the seminal Pixies would be enough for most. But Black Francis plays to a different beat.

Recently, the artist has released two CDs — Abbabubba B-Sides Etc. and The Golem. Diehard fans already know the work. They are not technically new.

But they are new to the digital world. Abbabubba, originally released in 2010, has previously only been available through the Black Francis Website. And The Golem is culled from the DVD of the same name. More about that in a minute. Let’s talk about the first.

Abbabubba is a disc of demos of songs, such as Rabbits and Dead Man’s Curve, that previously appeared on CDs like Nonstoperotik. The demos are different, nicely fleshed out versions that are just as strong as the “final” versions, especially Dead Man’s Curve.

There are also some tunes that have never officially been released before and several studio quality b-sides. Two standouts: Serious Curious, with its “curious” spoken word verses, and the whimsical Polly’s Into Me.@liquidhip

Black Francis – Virginia Reel

τον γουσταρω τον χοντρο τι να λεμε τωρα

θελω να παω να πιω μπυρες μαζι του και να μου λεει ιστοριες…

…ξεκινας σημερα να διαβαζεις στο

τις περιπετειες των Ζικ Φινικ,

2 εξωγηινοι με βαρια πλλλλουτωνια προφορα

που επεσαν με το σκαφος τους στον θερμαικο

και παρατηρουν την ζωη της πολης….Κεφάλες Λευκού Πύργου


~ από kapetank στο 13/04/2011.

2 Σχόλια to “Black Francis – Virginia Reel”

  1. Sav va parameleis to mousikofilo koino!


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