Tropic of Cancer – A Color

Music by Tropic of Cancer (John Mendez + Camella Lobo).

From their recent LP, “The Sorrow of Two Blooms”, out now Blackest Ever Black.

The other face of John Mendez….

Known as Silent Servant (Sandwell District) in the world of techno, Mendez and singer Camella Lobo are digging deep with the experimental project called Tropic Of Cancer. The band will release the third twelve-inch mid-April 2011.
Instead of Downwards, a techno-label-turning-experimental, «The Sorrow Of Two Blooms» is published by London outlet Blackest Ever Black that has rapidly gained recognition as a platform for gothic electronics @terminal313

Tropic of Cancer – A Color


~ από kapetank στο 13/05/2011.


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