SIXTH JUNE // Come Closer

τι θα γινει 6/6/2011?

ευθυγραμιζονται 6 πλανητες και σε συνδυασμο με το αλογο του ιπποτης της αποκαλυψης που θεαθηκε στα γεγονοτα του Καιρου ακριβως στις 6 το πρωι δημιουργει ισοσκελη τριγωνο με το αγαλμα του βουκεφαλα που βρισκεται στην παραλια θεσσαλονικης σε γεωγραφικο πλατος 66

και γαμω τις φασεις

…οι γερμανοι ειναι φιλοι μας

..οι σερβοι ειναι ξαδελφια μας….

εδω κάτι σερβοι που μενουν στο βερολινο

και κυκλοφορουν στις 6/6

Serbian // SIXTH JUNE //duo released the mighty “Everytime” album on Genetic Records that was to be one of the highlights from 2010 and got Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal on stage of BIM, an annual festival that takes place in Antwerp over Christmas time.

More and more people got interested in their electronic sounds and so did the Italian Mannequin-label who decided to release a new limited edition 500 copy EP.

Just as they did on “Everytime” the duo have shaken five songs out of their sleeves that give us the impression that the calendar has been turned back to 1984. A trick that seems to be the strength of these two Serbians who are currently residing in Berlin, and of course (what else did you expect?) are more than welcome guests over there.

Regardless of how clichéd it might sound, I guess words fail us to describe this beauty and anyone who was once in love with the synth-wave-sounds of the 80’s just has to take this

SIXTH JUNE // Come Closer


~ από kapetank στο 23/05/2011.

2 Σχόλια to “SIXTH JUNE // Come Closer”

  1. Πολύ όμορφο σάιτ. 🙂 Ανταλλαγή λινκ?


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