Belong – Perfect Life

New Orleans guitar noise artists Belong are releasing a new full length record via Kranky on March 21.  Common Era finds the two-piece band further expanding on the raw instrumental approach of their 2006 debut, October Language, with smeared vocals and calmly transportive sonics.  Or as the label says – the songs themselves are akin to radio transmissions received from another time and place, just as likely to be the future as the past, or even from a contemporary alternate universe.  “Perfect Life” is the scare the shit out of you lead single – an insistent, fuzzed-out pop song that synthesizes the album’s noisier tendencies with their obvious love of UnknownPleasures.@popheadwound.

Belong – Perfect Life


~ από kapetank στο 17/06/2011.

2 Σχόλια to “Belong – Perfect Life”

  1. Δεν ηταν ασχημο!!

  2. πολυ καλο!!!


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