Le Days ~ As Long As You Win

‘As is the case with most music, the work of Le Days (Daniel Hedin) is inextricably linked to the place in which it was conceived. Hedin hails from Sweden, and the recording of his Dead People On Tape debut was split between a studio, his home, and its neighboring woods. The album deals in bare-bones acoustic folk (spruced up with a bit of piano and strings), and it’s easy to imagine it echoing through some secluded, frost-bitten forest on the edge of the Northern tundra. As per its name, Dead People is not the sort of breezy, light-hearted fare you’d expect to be cropping up around this time; this is a dark, dark affair (think Jason Molina on a bad day), and one that shouldn’t be tackled without a winter coat and a bottle of bourbon.»

Taken from the album » Dead People On Tape» (2011). For any further information please visit:

Le Days ~ As Long As You Win

ακομα μια ανακαλυψη απο το εξαιρετικο μπλοκ του .flp (http://soundinjections.tumblr.com

……με την βοηθεια του eraser…


~ από kapetank στο 14/09/2011.


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