Grimes – Genesis

Montreal electro-pop artist Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) posted on her Twitter yesterday that she’s signed to 4AD. «just want 2 say i am so honoured to be releasing my next album with 4AD – a record label I have admired since I was 13 and first heard the cocteau twins and realized girls can make music, and goth is sick,» she wrote. Grimes’ new album Visions, which was originally scheduled for release through the small Canadian label Arbutus on January 31, will be released on February 21 in North America and elsewhere on March 12. It’s still scheduled for release through Arbutus in Canada. Listen to «Genesis», a new cut off Visions.@pitcfork

Grimes – Genesis



~ από kapetank στο 05/01/2012.


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